Blood Sugar In Check

7 Steps To Greater Health And Happiness With Diabetes

This book is for you if you want to have your blood sugar in check and have confidence that you can handle your diabetes. You will learn how to:  

  • Stop beating yourself up when blood sugar levels spike  
  • Enjoy life without losing a toe, a kidney or your eyesight 
  • Succeed in your job with your illness
  • Eliminate everyday worries about passing out from blood sugar lows
  • Spend more meaningful moments with your family and friends  

Author Andrew Lawless has lived life with Type 1 Diabetes on his own terms – and no signs of long-term complications after 40 years. In this book, he shares his most effective strategies for a rewarding life with diabetes.

If you are tired of doing everything right, but still feel isolated, overwhelmed and stressed over your health, learn Andrew’s most effective strategies for a rewarding life with diabetes and get your copy today!  

You Will Learn:

Why you are not getting positive results in your diabetes management

How to manage your diabetes and enjoy life to the fullest

How one single diabetes management area will improve your health and happiness

How to change your blood sugar management so that you stay in flow for lasting and continuous life success with diabetes

Blood Sugar in Check
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Hi, my name is Andrew Lawless and my wish for you is that you get your blood sugar in check so you can live the life you want and deserve.  

I have had type 1 diabetes for over 40 years with no signs of complications. I have never allowed my illness t be in the way of my happiness and success. And neither should you.  

That’s why I am offering the Diabetes Mastery™ coaching program, which speeds you on your path to greater health, happiness, and sanity with diabetes.  

I am only working with the most dedicated people that are truly committed to getting their blood sugar in check. To apply for Diabetes Mastery Coaching, do the following:

1. Schedule Your Free Diabetes Mastery Session

2. Submit your Wheel of Diabetes Mastery 24 hours before our meeting

You will receive detailed instructions when you schedule your appointment.

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Step 1 Resources

Step 2 Resources

Download the Workbook for the Wheel Of Diabetes Mastery Exercise

Step 3 Resources

Step 4 Resources

Set your Diabetes Transformation Target 

Find Your Diabetes Flow

Step 5 Resources

Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows

Exercise: Condition Yourself for Success

Download the Workbook for the Diabetes Flow Exercise

Step 6 Resources

How to Interrupt Your Crazy Eight

Download the Workbook for the Diabetes Flow Exercise

Step 7 Resources

Egoscue Exercise

Importance of Essential Fats